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Aug 09
Do I need to be fit to participate in a Krav Maga training in Cityskills Berlin?

What is considered physical training? Sport training? How to be fit? Regular physical exercise is one of the pillars of maintaining good health in children and adults. It is recommended by all doctors and international health institutions to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, but the question is: What kind of exercise? In what […]

Jul 29
Opening of our new Krav-Maga training studio in Berlin Kreuzberg

Corona pandemic for our Krav Maga club in Berlin kreuzberg The coronavirus epidemic, that has been affecting the world for more than a year and a half now, has been a real challenge for us as a krav maga studio in our neighborhood club in Berlin Kreuzberg. Not having been able to give classes in […]

Jul 12
Can I learn self-defence on Youtube?

We all use YouTube and there is almost nothing that cannot be found on YouTube. There are countless YouTube channels with content on cooking, extreme climbing, politics, or soap bubbles. And there are probably more videos on self-defense than you could ever watch in your life. That’s great, you might think. But it’s not that […]

Mar 12
Krav Maga training in English in Berlin Kreuzberg

Expats in Berlin Berlin is one of the most international cities in Europe, with approximately 50,000 expatriates residing and working here permanently! It is known as a very open-minded city, with many opportunities that attract people from all over the world to live here every year; this impressive mix of diverse and multiple cultures and […]