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Can I learn self-defence on Youtube?

We all use YouTube and there is almost nothing that cannot be found on YouTube. There are countless YouTube channels with content on cooking, extreme climbing, politics, or soap bubbles. And there are probably more videos on self-defense than you could ever watch in your life. That’s great, you might think. But it’s not that simple.

Krav Maga videos

The quality of the videos and the techniques shown is extremely variable. There are videos on self-defense for women, or on self-defense without previous knowledge, or how to win every fight in the street with one punch. Of course, that’s nonsense. But if you don’t have any experience in self-defense, it’s not easy to always recognize that right away.

There are obviously bad techniques that would never work in reality. Particularly noteworthy are the techniques that are supposed to work without touching the opponent, so-called “no-touch” or “chi” techniques. This is so silly that we laugh briefly and click straight on.

Then there are techniques that work but are still bad. Like, for example, a technique to fend off a strangler from the front, where you only rotate your upper body including your hips. It is possible to open the strangled with this, but it does not give you an advantage. After opening the strangler, a new situation is created, but the danger is not averted.

IKMF Krav Maga Berlin and quality

And then there are also individual videos in which good techniques are shown. This happens mainly when you search for International Krav Maga Federation or IKMF for short on YouTube. In all IKMF techniques, the focus is on ending the attack or threat as quickly as possible. That’s why we not only free ourselves from a choke, but at the same time attack, the attacker’s particularly vulnerable spots. That’s how technique must be!

But the really crucial thing besides functioning techniques is that you memorize them through practice and the right training structure so that they also work in an emergency. Only when you can recall the techniques under stress will you be able to use them on the road. That’s exactly how we practice at Cityskills Krav Maga Berlin.

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