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Krav Maga training in English in Berlin Kreuzberg

Expats in Berlin

Berlin is one of the most international cities in Europe, with approximately 50,000 expatriates residing and working here permanently! It is known as a very open-minded city, with many opportunities that attract people from all over the world to live here every year; this impressive mix of diverse and multiple cultures and backgrounds makes the German capital one of the most eclectic cities in Europe. People from all walks of life, speaking all languages and exchanging different cultures and world views on a daily basis, make Berlin a unique multi-cultural city.

Krav Maga training in English in Berlin Kreuzberg

Sport and especially self-defense training, where training with a partner who pushes you to your limits is so important, is one of the many ways for an “expat” to meet new people, and to be part of a close-knit community, training together towards one goal; to be able to defend yourself in the street with simple and effective techniques if needed. Moreover, learning self-defense is for everyone and attracts a variety of different people, who come to train, do sports, have fun and get fit. At Cityskills Berlin, our training is complete “ego free” and adapts to everyone, women, men, children, as well as to all physical and sport levels.

Indeed, Krav Maga is aimed at defending oneself in situations of maximum stress, its techniques are simple, and their learning does not require any prerequisite: Krav Maga adapts to the one who wants to learn it, it is not up to the one who wants to learn to adapt to it.

At Cityskills, we want as many people as possible to train with us and become part of our team, sharing our passion for Krav Maga. Everyone is welcome, we strive to make our training as accessible as possible, regardless of the origin or mother tongue of our members. That’s why we are proud to be the only school that offers fitness and Krav Maga classes in English in Berlin, for three years now, four times a week, in the mornings and evenings, in our beautiful training centre in “S├╝dstern”, in the heart of Kreuzberg, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and atypical neighbourhoods of Berlin.

Krav Maga in Berlin

At Cityskills Berlin, we are part of the IKMF (International Krav Maga Federation) which is the most recognized federation in the world of Krav Maga, created in 1997, by Imi Lichtenfeld (the creator of Krav Maga in 1948). In order to improve and perfect our learning, we collaborate with thousands of clubs around the world, all of which are learning the same self-defense techniques; we meet several times a year in training camps and seminars, in Israel, but also in Italy, Germany, during which we all learn together the Krav Maga fighting techniques, and develop our great community while training, of course in English.

English is truly the international language of Krav Maga, in Berlin and all over the world!

Anyone who wants to learn Krav Maga in English in Berlin is welcome at Cityskills. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via our contact page.