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You would rather enjoy an efficient private training on your own? You are a full-time mum/pop and have a lot to do? Or do you have no time for regular courses due to your job? But you still want to be able to train Krav Maga or fitness? Then we at Cityskills have just the right thing for you: We offer you a Krav Maga or Fitness private training in Berlin that is made for you! With us, you get intensive and tailor-made training all for yourself. It will no longer be a problem to feel great, to strengthen your body and mind, and thus to take your Krav Maga to the next level.

Krav Maga for everyone

Cityskills offers you a Krav Maga private training course especially for your needs. Whether you are a beginner, advanced or old hand: With us you can learn Krav Maga from scratch, refresh rusty Krav Maga or deepen your knowledge. We adapt to your everyday life and goals and design a training plan that fits you perfectly. We even offer Krav Maga private training in Berlin for groups, companies and schools.

Pure fitness private training is also possible on request. You are welcome to drop by our functional fitness coaching in Berlin

In seeking to create the optimum training program, there are critical factors within the training plan and part of the coaching philosophy. Combined with an accurate snapshot of your current physiological state, we will create a personal, customized and proven coaching plan tailored to your individual needs and goals.
Whether you’re an experienced athlete looking to reach optimal performance or you simply want to finish feeling strong, or you simply want to get back to sport under the best condition, we will work with you to develop that plan and reach that goal. Here are the critical success factors that outline the fitness coaching philosophy of Cityskills:

Avoiding injuries

All the fitness in the world is useless if an athlete is sick or injured. Coaching is about preparing you for your optimal body condition. This includes remaining healthy and injury free during your training.

Developping strength, and power

Strength as a human physical quality represents, in its various manifestations and modes of expression, the factor of sporting performance. In human mechanics, strength is defined as the ability to overcome or withstand external resistance through muscular tensions (concentric dynamics, eccentric dynamics, isometric). All sporting gestures are unstable and changing combinations of these three types of contractions, which we will work on to achieve your goal.

Increase good posture and good Balance

Why doesn’t our body collapse under the effect of gravity like a rag doll?
It is because of the permanent contraction of certain muscles (deep muscles) which ensure the fixation of the bony parts around the joints. This permanent contraction corresponds to the muscle tone that is responsible for posture.

This posture tone allows for balance, both when standing still and in movement. It constitutes an interface for movement; in fact, the placement and maintenance of certain segments (head, trunk, limbs) serve as a reference point for the organization of movements, and muscle tone promotes the necessary adjustments for all movements. The control of this posture consists of adjusting the position of the body according to the forces exerted by gravity.
When the individual is healthy and pain-free, he or she organizes himself or herself differently in relation to gravity from one individual to another. The idea of postural training is to use the constraints of different postures, with or without the addition of unstable elements, movements to make cards to be moved, in order to recreate the conditions for a correct balance by limiting the possible compensations, but respecting your singularity as an athlete.

Core strengthening

Core strengthening is putting something around, to protect, cushion, maintain, and strengthen. We find the idea of the female corset, the insulating sheath of an electric wire, or the bark of a tree.
Indeed, if we consider the human body, core strengthening is toning up the muscle chains around the bone, joint and visceral structures. Core strength must allow movement, accompany it and thus protect the structures of the body in movement, it must favoring the creation of support points in moving situations, allowing the success of your technical gesture.

Developing Endurance

The central factor for success in competition is specific endurance. This term covers a set of production capacities (aerobic, anareobic, lactic anaerobic), associated with different physical qualities.
After defining your goal, we will be able to define the specific type of endurance you plan to improve, and incorporate this work into your program.
The proper plan will build your program with your personal end result in mind – to become strong, healthy and build the confidence of a performant body. Communication with your coach and accurate training logs will help identify any potential flare-ups, while accurate execution of workouts ensures that the stresses of training can be absorbed.

For a talk? With pleasure!

Write us a message, give us a call or simply drop by at one of our locations. We’ll get to know each other, have a chat and speak about your goals. We are looking forward to meeting you!