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"Krav Maga and Stay Away" seminars: Effective WOMEN Self-Defence""


Every third woman in Germany is now a victim of violence. Protect yourself with our special self-defence courses for women. You want to protect yourself better and feel safe at all times and everywhere? You want to be able to walk through the streets alone in the evening without having to be afraid? You want to be able to help other people in dangerous situations without looking away in fear? We can help you! At Cityskills we offer a special self-defence programme for women: “Stay Away”.

Here women train simple and efficient Krav Maga self-defence techniques. It is important to us that the exercises and movements you learn become a matter of course for you. No long thinking about it. Simply act or react correctly and reflexively in dangerous situations. You learn to assess the danger situation better, to remain calm even under stress and to cleverly exploit the weak points of physically superior opponents for your own safety.

Why Krav Maga for women?

We offer you individually tailored courses and training for Krav Maga for women. The women’s self-defence programme “Stay Away” of the IKMF (International Krav Maga Federation) has been taught since 1997 and is constantly being developed. It contains special techniques that are tailored to the physical requirements of women and can be learned quickly.

For every body type

Krav Maga was originally developed for the Israeli army. There, men and women alike are drafted into military service – which is why Krav Maga techniques work regardless of size, gender, weight or strength.

Confident appearance

Many dangers can be nipped in the bud by a self-confident appearance. With Krav Maga and “Stay Away” of the IKMF you will therefore not only learn self-defence for women, but also the correct, de-escalating behaviour in dangerous situations.

Self-defence for the case of emergency

Complicated techniques rarely work under stress. The techniques of Krav Maga are simple, effective and above all, quick to learn. You can protect yourself under adrenaline, without much physical fitness or even drunk. Here you can learn the right techniques for self-defence for women.

Over 85,000 women in more than 15 countries have already taken part in “Stay Away” seminars. The success, especially in prevention work, proves the programme right. And the best? With our non-binding trial training in Berlin, you can now take a free look at Krav Maga for women! Or you can get down to business and register directly for one of our “Stay Away” seminars.

Krav Maga for women at Cityskills Berlin

At Cityskills you will find both pure “Stay Away” seminars and regular training for women. In addition to the normal Krav Maga programme, “Stay Away” is mainly about sexual and violent assaults. From assaults in your own four walls, protection of third parties (especially children) to the use of everyday objects for effective self-defence. This is what Krav Maga in Berlin stands for!

"Listen to your gut feeling and act accordingly!“ - Shlomi Moyal

Much more than self-defence

We want to prepare women physically and psychologically for assaults. From prevention to the actual attack and the behaviour afterwards! Therefore, we analyse possible threat and attack scenarios and teach various prevention and defence measures. In addition, at Cityskills Krav Maga we emphasise emotional and mental processing and strengthen your self-confidence.

Seminars for small groups, schools or companies are also possible.

Just write us a message or call us directly.

We are looking forward to it!