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Cityskills Krav Maga – Realistic self-defense classes in Berlin Kreuzberg

Self-defense classes in Berlin

Self-defense classes in Berlin Kreuzberg

Every day, newspapers, television, social medias are filled with image and videos of violent crimes against women, men, kids. On streets, public transports, schools, and even in the home, aggression can unfortunately happen everywhere, at anytime. At Cityskills, we believe that one should be ready for that type of violent confrontations, regardless of age, sex, and physical condition.

Participating in our self-defense classes in Berlin will help you to protect yourself in several scenarios.

What to expect from our self-defense classes at Cityskills Berlin?

Learning how to defend yourself is a great skill, we believe that it can also be fun and physically engaging, so you enjoy your time dedicating to the practice of self-defense in our classes in Berlin, get fitter and stronger, and get knowledge that one day, hopefully never, you will be able to use to protect yourself or your loved ones.

The very first result will be appearing after a few months of learning some very basic and simple Krav Maga techniques: building self-confidence. Not being scared walking alone at night, or passing by a known dangerous area where you have to pass by to get to your office or during one of your daily activities. After learning a few basic self-defense techniques, you will have built a muscle memory and any violent confrontation will trigger your new skills that you will be able to use without even thinking about it; it will become reflexive and natural for you to use it, just as it is now natural for you to walk or run.

The next step in your Krav Maga self-defense classes in Berlin will be to learn more techniques, that will be as many practical tools to face various scenarios, types of attacks involving all kind of weapons, different types of aggressor, various numbers of attackers, various types of places and many more; in fact there is no limit to the knowledge you can get in our self-defense classes in Berlin, and you can learn new self-defense techniques during every training for the next years if you like to.

Mental and physical training during your self-defense class in Cityskills Berlin.

We do train a physical activity, and just as all sport practice you will get rapidly and safely stronger and fitter, increasing your general health. But self-defense learning, especially Krav Maga, will also train your mental to get stronger.

In fact, during a violent confrontation, there is no option to run away or to escape; one has to face it and overcome the situation, using any self-defense tools available. This type of situation are trained in our self-defense classes, over and over, so you can build yourself a strong mental and overcome every bad and aggressive situation in the best physical and mental conditions possible. While practicing self-defense Krav Maga, you will learn to never give up, build aggressively when needed and be in total control of your emotions during violent confrontation, and you will then be able to analyze a situation, use the correct self-defense techniques necessary and escape the situation without being armed, you or your loved one.

If you have any question about joining a self-defense class in Berlin, feel free to get in touch with us to join one of our Krav Maga training in our studio in Berlin Kreuzberg.