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Opening of our new Krav-Maga training studio in Berlin Kreuzberg

Krav Maga in berlin kreuzberg

Corona pandemic for our Krav Maga club in Berlin kreuzberg

The coronavirus epidemic, that has been affecting the world for more than a year and a half now, has been a real challenge for us as a krav maga studio in our neighborhood club in Berlin Kreuzberg.

Not having been able to give classes in our studio, we did not let the situation get us down, and we took advantage of it to make the most of this situation, and we continued to train online several times a week, especially with fitness and muscular reinforcement classes related to the practice of Krav Maga and its physiological needs, in order to prepare ourselves as well as possible for a possible return to normalcy, at least in Berlin, which would have allowed us to go back to train in our studio.

However, despite this very sudden change of situation, and our inability to offer Krav Maga training, we are fortunate to have a real team spirit at Cityskills and have been able to count on a great solidarity from our members, who have supported us during this long and painful ordeal, and whom we wish to thank once again for their support.

Outdoor Self-defense training

Once the most restrictive moments of this pandemic were over, we were able to start training outdoors again, first by doing functional fitness in order to get back in shape, then krav Maga, in Berlin in the districts of Kreuzberg and Neukölln.

During this period, we were able to practice the best type of training possible for learning Krav Maga, because the most realistic: outdoor training.

Indeed, training in a park, with every day sports shoes, in conditions close to the reality of an aggression during which the self-defense techniques learned would be necessary and used, brings a new dimension to the training, and mainly to the capacity of our students to connect the different self-defense techniques learned during our training to an outside world reality, outside the dojo, in a known environment such as a park, but which until now had never or rarely been considered as a possible place where an attack would occur and where they would have to defend themselves using the Krav Maga techniques learned during their years or months of practice of this world-renowned self-defense system.

Krav Maga in Berlin Kreuzberg

After the period during which the most severe health restrictions were finally lifted due to the decrease in the number of Coronavirus cases in Berlin and especially in Kreuzberg, we were finally able to start training indoors again, in our beautiful Krav Maga studio located in the heart of Berlin, in Kreuzberg, at Körterstrasse.

We are now, to our great joy, open 4 times a week, mornings and evenings, to give our Krav Maga classes in English and share our passion for this self-defense system; we are delighted to be able to welcome you back to Kreuzberg as before!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.