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Do I need to be fit to participate in a Krav Maga training in Cityskills Berlin?

Krav Maga Training in Berlin

What is considered physical training? Sport training? How to be fit?

Regular physical exercise is one of the pillars of maintaining good health in children and adults. It is recommended by all doctors and international health institutions to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, but the question is: What kind of exercise? In what quantity?

This question can easily be answered by this simple formula: 30 minutes of exercise per day is 30 minutes of any kind of physical activity that will multiply the (resting) heart rate of the exerciser by three times. This amount of physical activity will be sufficient, according to the institutions and scientists, to maintain an adult person in good health. Physical activity can be very varied, cycling, soccer, combat sports, or any sport or self-defense training for example. The key is to move to maintain good health.

“The body, unlike cars and computers, is the only machine that needs to be used to stay in good working order.”

Beyond the simple goal of maintaining good health, one may want to practice physical activity to achieve a specific goal; learn to defend oneself by doing Krav Maga, be stronger and more powerful by practicing weight training, want to win the next soccer championship with one’s team, participate in the next triathlon competition, run one’s first marathon, and many other goals that will require regular and more intense training than the recommended 30 minutes.

Each sports goal, regardless of the athlete’s level, will require a specific training program to be followed regularly and diligently, as well as the support of a quality sports coach in order to one day achieve the desired goal.

What is Krav Maga training? Do you need to be strong to train and be good at Krav Maga?

The goal of Krav Maga training is very simple: to learn solid self-defense basics, to be ready to defend yourself in case of aggression, which could happen at any time, in any place. Being prepared for the worst and gaining self-confidence are the two goals that will result from regular Krav Maga training.

Krav Maga is based on simple principles; direct strikes on vital points of the aggressor, the use of any means available to defend oneself, and finally the knowledge of techniques to defend oneself in more complex situations, including defense against various fists, knives, chokes, throws, and grabs. It has been developed for one purpose only; to be effective in situations of intense stress. In order to achieve this goal, the means and techniques used cannot be complicated in order to be functional and effective. The practice of Krav Maga does not require training over a long period of years and is not conditioned by the physical condition of the person wanting to learn to defend himself.

The use of Krav Maga, as well as its learning, does not require being particularly strong, fast, flexible, or any other physical qualities related to size, weight, and sex. Obviously, if the Krav Maga practitioner is fast, strong, powerful, and very flexible, he or she will have an additional advantage beyond his or her technical knowledge, but it is possible to defend oneself effectively against any aggressor by using Krav Maga techniques, regardless of the practitioner’s physical level.

Moreover, the practice of Krav Maga itself will bring the student to a physical condition at the level recommended for maintaining good health, through regularity, motivation, and assiduity in training.

Functional Fitness and Krav Maga training in Berlin

At Cityskills Berlin, our training is obviously focused on learning self-defense techniques that are accessible to everyone. We also make it a point to provide a sufficient amount of strength training during each of our training in our beautiful training studio located in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg. Furthermore, our trainer Sylvain offers, in addition to regular Krav Maga training, numerous seminars, and private functional fitness training programs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we will be happy to get back to you quickly