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Feb 12
“Throwback Monday”: February in Cityskills Krav Maga

Throwback Monday: February at Cityskills Berlin February was short but still very eventful and full of fun and action here at Cityskills Krav Maga! Krav Maga seminar in February The “Protect your family and friends” seminar was a great success. In the best atmosphere, we rocked the completely booked seminar in our Schöneberg location. The […]

Jan 01
The year 2019 at Cityskills Krav Maga Berlin

For six months now, Cityskills has been offering effective self-defence at two locations in Berlin-Neukölln (Hermannplatz) and Berlin-Schöneberg (Kurfrüstenstraße). Since then, a lot has happened to us. But we don’t just want to look back, we want to look forward. What is coming up at Cityskills this year? What Krav Maga highlights await our members? […]

Apr 12
Imi Lichtenfeld, founder of Krav Maga

Cityskills Krav Maga in Berlin: The original Krav Maga Training If you have always wondered why our IKMF association logo says “IMI”, then you will find out here and now. “Imi” is short for Imrich Lichtenfeld (later Imi Sde-Or), the founder of Krav Maga. Born in Budapest in 1910 and raised in Bratislava, he came […]

Feb 25
“Dynamic Knives” Krav Maga self-defense seminar in Berlin

All over the world, there are members of the Krav Maga Elite who regularly offer self-defense seminars on a variety of specific topics. There are also these offers in Germany. Just last weekend, Israel Cohen, one of the most qualified Krav Maga instructors, came to visit Hamburg. Cohen is a member of the IKMF Global […]

Feb 14
Self-defense seminars at Cityskills Krav Maga Berlin

In the next three months, three seminars will be offered at “Cityskills”. Why are we doing this? It’s simple; in our regular training, you will learn not only all the Krav Maga basics but also techniques that are more demanding in terms of level. But some contents need other formats, other training locations, or appeal […]