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Is Krav Maga effective in real life?

Ist Krav Maga im wirklichen Leben wirksam?

There is a question that comes up regularly from my students: Is Krav Maga effective in real life, would I be able to defend myself?

The body and mind react differently for each of us in situations of intense stress, depending on whether he or she has been confronted with the same type of situation before, having acquired some experience in dealing with it, in real life or through training.

For example, a nurse who has been working for 10 years in an emergency department will have a totally different reaction to a serious injury than a bus driver. Indeed, this situation of intense stress will surely be much better managed by the body and mind of the nurse, because of her experience, and the number of times she has been, during her career, confronted with this type of situation, she will surely be the most efficient to manage such a situation. On the contrary, the bus driver will probably be more efficient in a stressful situation related to his job and will probably know how to handle an intensely stressful situation such as a pedestrian crossing the street unexpectedly more serenely than the nurse would.

The worst thing about any extreme stress situation would be to have no experience of it and to remain inert, unresponsive, as if stuck, with a shocked body and mind not knowing how to deal with the problem and how to function effectively in this new situation.

The same principle of stress management will apply to a Krav Maga practitioner after a solid experience with violent situations; the more he or she is confronted with them, the better the stress generated by these situations will be managed, and the more effective he or she will be able to defend him or herself. This is why training regularly in Krav Maga will allow anyone who practices it to confront, in a safe atmosphere linked to the training, any kind of extreme violent scenario and to gain experience that he or she can use in real life, and have the chance to deal with the problem posed for his or her body and mind by this aggression.

What is IKMF Krav Maga training?

IKMF Krav Maga is a close combat system with over 70 years of experience, taught throughout the world, and widely recognized as the most suitable combat system for real-life violent situations. Indeed, the most experienced members of the IKMF (GIT and EIT) in charge of training instructors around the world, are all specialized in their field of expertise, with many years of experience in different professions where violence and the use of violence is daily occurrence, and very real.

How is Krav Maga trained in Berlin and at the IKMF?

The goal of Krav Maga training in Berlin and through the thousands of IKMF clubs in the five continents is, beyond providing quality physical training in a good atmosphere, to prepare our students, giving them technical tools of self-defense and close combat, simple and effective in real life, developed and refined for many years by many experts, in order to respond to the different types of aggression they could, unfortunately, be a victim.

This is why all the Krav Maga training we offer, in Berlin as well as everywhere else in the different IKMF clubs, starts with a technical learning part where the student will be put in the worst possible situation regarding the technique he/she is learning according to his/her degree of experience, and always ends with a series of exercises performed at high levels of physical and mental stress, which is the safest way for the student to learn in a state that is as close as possible to an aggression situation, in order to be ready and efficient in real life.

If you have any questions, or you want to participate in a free Krav Maga trial training in Kreuzberg, feel free to email us, we will be happy to answer you!