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Cityskills Krav Maga Berlin in the Urban Warrior Camp in 2018

IKMF Krav Maga Urban Warrior Camp, 2018

Every year, the IKMF Urban Warrior Camp takes place in Germany. This means for all participants: two days full of Krav Maga and self-defense. On 18 and 19 August, the camp took place in Wiesbaden at the home of IKMF Expert Instructor Andreas Burkert and his Krav Maga school “Defend Yourself”. The motto: Expect the Unexpected. Hardly any other slogan is more in line with the basic idea of Krav Maga, because we at Cityskills Berlin always prepare ourselves for unexpected and surprising situations in our training.

The Urban Warrior Camp was led by Tamir Gilad, a member of the IKMF Global Instructor Team (GIT) and, with his Expert 5 rank, one of the highest-graded instructors known to the Krav Maga world.

Self-defense and the protection of others

Krav Maga offers numerous subject areas. At the IKMF Urban Warrior Camp 2018, the focus was on VIP Protection, i.e. the protection of third persons. In addition, armed attacks in unconventional and unexpected situations were on the program: What do I do if I or a friend is attacked or threatened with an axe, a knife, a machete, a stick, a beer bottle or even a gun? Unfortunately, we now know from experience that all these objects are used against fellow human beings, and the sight of an axe or machete alone is enough to get scared.

With Krav Maga we can prepare ourselves for such things, at least mentally, we have the opportunity to deal with fears.

Cityskills Krav Maga Berlin at the Urban Warrior Camp

As part of the IKMF, Cityskills Berlin was of course also represented at the Urban Warrior Camp with students and instructors. Trainer Sylvain travelled to Wiesbaden with a group of motivated Kravists. Together they fought their way through the military “Final Drill”, faced each other in “Dirty Fighting” and rolled across the floor in Ground Fighting with numerous other participants. All this with the necessary seriousness, but above all: with a lot of fun!

We would like to thank the organizers of the Urban Warrior Camps, especially Andreas Burkert and Tamir Gilad, and look forward to the next Urban Warrior Camp in 2019!

Would you also like to take part in a Cityskills – Krav Maga Berlin? No problem! Come by at any time for trial training. You can find our training times here, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us via our contact form or Facebook.