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Cityskills Krav Maga in Berlin Premiere

Cityskills Krav Maga Berlin Premiere – Stefan makes his debut!

In September, our trainer Stefan made his training debut at Cityskills Berlin in Hasenheide 9 at Hermannplatz. For many years, Prenzlauer Berg was his territory Рnumerous Krav Maga students have trained there with Stefan and learned self-defense from and with him. Now the people of Kreuzkölln were also able to enjoy his training.

Knife techniques in Krav Maga self-defense

What was on the program? The defense of and against different knife attacks and threats. The topic of “knives” is multifaceted and one of the most important areas we cover in Krav Maga. A knife is an everyday object: anyone can carry or buy a knife. Misuse as a weapon is thus very obvious, and the damage that even the smallest kitchen knife can cause is enormous.

Peter Trapp, CDU Minister of the Interior from Berlin, recently presented a ten-year statistic. In 2007, 1351 crimes were started with a knife, in 2017 it was already 2737. Moreover, a large part of the perpetrators is under 21.

In Stefan’s training, some scenarios were played out, and the defense techniques were practiced. All this always with the first background, but definitely also fun, as the picture proves. Diverse Krav Maga training at Cityskills Berlin. It is important to us that the students know the trainers. Of course, everyone has their favorite trainer, their favorite way of training, and some students also have a hard time with changes in the training routine. We as trainers all have different approaches, emphasize different things, and, above all, use different tools to teach our Kravists self-defense.

To bring self-defense closer to our students. In this way, the Cityskills students have the opportunity to get to know and internalize Krav Maga techniques from a completely different perspective.

Would you also like to take part in a Krav Maga training in Berlin? No problem! Come by at any time for a trial Krav Maga training. You can find our training times here and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us via our contact form or Facebook.