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Advanced Krav Maga levels training in Cityskills Berlin

High level Krav Maga Training in Berlin

Cityskills – Krav Maga Berlin shows you a self-defense system based on natural reflexes. It is very effective, easy to learn, and put into practice. As instructors, we find that after two or three months of regular training, a student quickly builds a solid foundation to defend themselves against most attacks on the street. You can take a look at our Street Fight Scenario Seminar here.

At the IKMF we offer students the opportunity to test their knowledge on a regular basis by giving them assessment tests and bringing together the self-defense techniques they have learned in training. These tests are conducted by expert Krav Maga instructors (GIT), regardless of the club where the student trains with their instructor. These experts test the students’ knowledge at their level and, if the level is sufficient, give them a certificate symbolizing the knowledge acquired by the Cityskills students.

Besides this certificate, the tests are mainly a means for our student to check his knowledge at a certain point in time. These tests ensure that the student can also pass under real stressful situations, for example, an attack in the street. This was previously ensured by the instructors. In addition, the trainers ensure the correct time for the test.

The development of the training  at Cityskills РKrav Maga Berlin

The first stages of the IKMF Krav Maga curriculum include the basic techniques that are regularly used to learn other techniques. Once these techniques have been learned by the student, it becomes necessary for them to progress in their learning, to develop new techniques and more complicated situations in more advanced training sessions. Therefore, we have decided to offer these students advanced training sessions, which we start every Thursday. These training sessions include advanced exercises, fighting, ground techniques, and more intense physical exercises than the normal training.

Do you also want to join a Cityskills – Krav Maga training in Berlin? No problem! Come by at any time for a Krav Maga trial training. You can find our training times here and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us via our contact form or Facebook.