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"Do you want to try Krav-Maga?"


Do you want to train Krav Maga in Berlin? Then contact us for your Krav Maga trial training! You want to train your body and learn effective self-defence at the same time? We always like to see new faces and offer you a Krav Maga trial training in Berlin at Cityskills. Come by and let the Krav Maga lifestyle infect you!


You can find “Cityskills Berlin Krav Maga” at various locations throughout Berlin. Choose the right location and visit us. You can find our training times and addresses in our link

Krav Maga for everyone

We offer Krav Maga for everyone: for beginners, advanced, women and children. We even offer the possibility for people with physical disabilities to participate in the Krav Maga philosophy. Our highly qualified trainers want to provide the best possible Krav Maga for everyone and have therefore developed and adapted a training programme especially for these people. In addition, we offer fitness programs and sessions. So everyone is guaranteed to get their money’s worth!

Private training in BERLIN

You would like to learn Krav Maga and are limited in Berlin due to professional reasons? Do you have irregular working hours? Are you a full-time mum and can only plan at short notice? You can’t organise your training every week at the same time? No problem: Krav Maga and Fitness private training are also possible! We adapt flexibly to your everyday life, and you can train Krav Maga, and, or Fitness whenever and wherever you want. We guarantee you a tailor-made and flexible individual coaching.

We are ready. Are you ready too?

It’s that simple: Fill in our contact form and you’re ready to go.

You are welcome to arrive 15 minutes before the training starts to get to know our premises and trainers. Our friendly Cityskills team will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

We are looking forward to meeting you!